Pacific Controls Galaxy

Galaxy is the world’s first enterprise platform delivering seamless city centric services for management of its ecosystem comprising of critical components of a city.

The Pacific Controls Command Control Center is a new paradigm in city management and delivers collaborative solutions using ICT for the city’s ecosystem. GCCC also addresses the challenges of climate change and the management of cities resources by carrying out real time measurement and verification of its Carbon Footprint. This infrastructure is one of its kinds where there exists a synergy between Human subject matter experts and state of the art computing.

Galaxy, the state of the art enterprise platform, integrates with Management Information Systems to deliver optimization and governance centric data that will enable cost reduction of operating a city and its services through increased operational efficiencies and peculation of real time data to the relevant decision makers in the city.

Building Owners, Contractors, Real-estate companies, Government entities, and infrastructure owners like Utilities , Airports, Telco’s can collaborate and leverage the resources of the Pacific Controls Command Control Center to optimize their operations, reduce their service costs, increase their return on assets and have the capability to remotely manage them in real time.

Pacific Controls using Galaxy offers end to end platform that proactively monitors facilities such as commercial buildings, educational institutions, banks and financial institutions, government service infrastructure like airports, ports and railway infrastructure, residential buildings, data centers industrial facilities, telecom infrastructure and power distribution network. Galaxy provides unambiguous transparency into how the facility performs, where critical faults lie, and where opportunities exist to significantly reduce operational expenses. This groundbreaking communications architecture further enables integration with existing enterprise business and ICT processes, such as integration into ITIL/ITSM programs and infrastructure.

Galaxy provides the means to understand the scale of any problems and opportunities through the establishment of benchmarks, baselines, and performance and consumption metrics and targets. Valid trending analysis requires extensive ongoing capture and analysis of data from infrastructure assets, which is core strength of solution.



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