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Gbots- the next generation in remote facility equipment maintenance.

Pacific Controls acquires Infotility Inc. to become the world leader in intelligent software agents for the Smart Grid

Pacific Control Systems, the leading provider of cloud computing services for energy management, today completes its strategic acquisition of Infotility, a pioneer of Grid Agents. The acquisition brings together two pioneers of using intelligent software agents, known as 'bots', to control and manage engineering systems. It will create a unique capability to deliver Smart Grid services in real time on a unified platform, one that has been long awaited in the industry.

Pacific Controls is the world's leading provider of remote energy management solutions for buildings and utilities, based on cloud computing and M2M technology. The company has developed intelligent Gbots to control and monitor a wide range of systems and processes in real time with no human intervention. Infotility is the leading provider of intelligent agent software for Smart Grids.

“One of our goals at Pacific Controls is to play a significant role in the growing market for Smart Grid solutions, including managed demand response services, by enabling large portfoli