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Pacific Controls Launches Galaxy, An Enterprise City Management Platform

The revolutionary software platform, launched at the RealComm 2010, is the world’s first enterprise city management platform delivering city centric services for management of its service ecosystem

Dubai, June 9, 2010: Pacific Control Systems, the world-class developer and provider of global total automation solutions whose headquarters is the only platinum rated green building in the region accredited by the US Green Building Council, has announced the unveiling of Pacific Controls Galaxy, the world’s first enterprise city management platform delivering city centric services for management of city’s service ecosystem. Galaxy was unveiled and is being showcased at the 12th annual RealComm Conference and Expo being held in Las Vegas, USA.

Pacific Controls Galaxy integrates management information systems to deliver optimization and governance centric data. This will enable cost reduction of operating a city and its services through increased operational efficiencies and presenting processed real time data to the relevant decision makers in the city. The system comprises of management of energy, real estate, homeland security, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, education, financial, industrial and retails; which are the fundamental blocks of a city’s service ecosystem.

Speaking about Galaxy, Mr. Dilip Rahulan, CEO, Pacific Controls, said, “A technologically advanced platform to establish smart city systems is the best way forward to address energy costs, environmental concerns and government directives. We are pleased to be the pioneers by introducing the Pacific Controls Galaxy, which works as a ubiquitous platform for city management.”

“There is an escalating requirement for sustainable green business operations. Methods to measure power consumption and control energy output are now the focus of businesses worldwide, with people looking for consolidated energy management within and across cities. Pacific Controls Galaxy platform has the answer to the future energy requirements of cities across the globe,” he added.

Pacific Controls Galaxy is a robust multi-vertical open platform that allows users to measure and fine-tune system efficiencies to realize significant cost savings. In general, the framework will incorporate ‘the big-picture’ issues, such as costs (direct and indirect), potential efficiencies, feasibility, overall energy ecosystem, projected national and international demand, and environmental impact and sustainability.

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