Why Gbots?

Computers and computer programs are becoming an integral part with strategic decision

why gbots


With rapid progress in computational technology, the line between human intelligence and advanced computing is blurrier than ever. Computers and computer programs are with and without human cognizance becoming an integral part; with almost every strategic decision making process.

Multiple advantages are gained for the end user whilst using complex distributed resources and expertise ultimately leading to node level; AI decision (distributed AI systems) making. This also allows end users to completely personalize and customize algorithm based cloud computing. This also helps immensely to integrate with pre-existing legacy systems.

Further, intelligence is gained from the complex multi-agent interactions with themselves and with their dynamic environment. This intelligence is leveraged and available to users for complete optimization of facilities worldwide. The goal of collaborative agents is to interconnect separately, thus enabling the ensemble to function beyond the capabilities of any of its members (Mahmoud, 1998).

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